Ms Renae Allen

Ms Renae Allen is a Pediatric Clinical Trials Manager based within the Melbourne Children’s Trial Centre (MCTC), at the Murdoch Children’s Research Centre (MCRI) in Melbourne.

Renae has a background in medical research having worked for 10 years in both Melbourne and London with a focus on Virology and Immunology. Following a shift into the clinical research setting in 2019, Renae worked in two coordinator roles for the Centre of Research Excellence in Newborn Medicine. Firstly as the Project Coordinator, working alongside the Executive Committee to oversee and implement the strategic plan of the CRE Newborn Medicine. And secondly as the Consumer Engagement Coordinator, working closely with consumers and researchers to expand consumer involvement in the CRE’s neonatal research and translation activities.

Renae has now specialised in coordinating and managing neonatal clinical trials, also working in the PLUSS Trial Management Team, coordinating and managing the two year PLUSS2 Follow Up at participating collaborating institutions around the world.

Renae is the AIROPLANE Trial Manager, developing and managing all aspects of the AIROPLANE clinical trial, working alongside the Steering Committee to execute the trial at participating collaborating sites around Victoria. In this role, Renae sits on the AIROPLANE Trial Management Committee, heading up the Trial Coordinating Centre by leading the overall coordination and facilitation of the trial. 

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